What Our Machines Do

RydAiR’s Electrostatic Air Cleaners or Electrostatic Precipitators (EACs) capture both wet and dry particulates such as dust, oil mist, cooking fumes, welding smoke and many other pollutants. They are an effective, low maintenance air cleaning solution for many situations and can be easily configured and incorporated into various types of exhaust systems of kitchens, factories, and workshops etc.

For effective odour control, the use of Activated Carbon Bank is highly recommended to remove and control gas/vapour contaminants. Alternatively, UV Ozone Lamps can be considered if space does not permit. However, do be mindful not to allow the excess Ozone to be drawn into indoor facilities.

Although EACs remove harmful dust, bacteria, pollens and other pollutants from the airstream, mould and bacteria growth accumulates in cooling coils, drain pans and duct surfaces. UVC Lamps installed in the Air Handling Units (AHU) provide a solution to these by destroying these organisms, rendering them harmless and unable to reproduce. Also, they prolong the lifespan and efficiency of HVAC systems since coils are kept clean.

Where can it be used

Our products are very versatile and can be either used as self-contained units or incorporated into a ducting/exhaust system of the premises. Typical applications are in F&B outlets, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, schools and medical institutions.