UVC Air &
Surface Purification

It is established fact that UVC is able to disrupt a microorganism’s DNA, triggering a chain reaction that leads to cellular death and its inability to reproduce or replicate. This makes UVC the perfect medium for treating air and surfaces against contamination by germs, moulds, bacteria and viruses.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends UVC as a recognised medium to treat cooling/heating coils of air conditioning systems. Contaminants, particularly the presence of fungi (mycotoxins), can trigger serious health problems to building occupants. As noted in an Applied and Environmental Microbiology study, “fungi have been found growing on air filters, insulation and cooling coils, as well as in ducts. The contamination often contributes to building related diseases, including both infectious diseases and hypersensitivity diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. HVAC system can also inadvertently transmit rhinoviruses (common cold), tuberculosis, measles, SARS, COVID 19 etc.

As an added value, UVC has the ability to constantly clean the interior workings of the AHU and can extend the equipment’s life for prolonged savings. Biofilms on coil fins adversely affect heat transfer to/from the airstream, if mechanical cleanings are incomplete or ignored, up to 25% of cooling capacity can be lost in as little as five years More importantly, ASHRAE has now classified UVC as a recommended method to mitigate the spread of COVID 19 in indoor air systems.

RL Series

RL Type is designed for easy and flexible installation and maintenance inside the AHU. The UVC lamps and ballasts are separated, with only the UVC lamps being installed inside the AHU. The ballasts and other ancillary components are assembled in a Control Panel Housing, attached to the external wall of the AHU, keeping them away from the moist environment inside the AHU. This make it very easy for service and maintenance.

About RL Series

The RL Series is customised to the specific requirement of each AHU. The number of lamps specified depends on the owner’s need for the lamps to be for coil irradiation only or if a certain UV value is preferred for mitigation of infectious disease transmission. The number and types of lamps are determined by the coil size and airflow of the AHU.

Supplied Components

Once the number of lamps are determined, RydAiR will supply all the components needed. These include:

  1. A Control Panel Housing with all the ballasts and accessories installed. Ballasts are UL Listed type.
  2. The required number of Lamps
  3. The required number of stainless steel clips (2 per lamp)
  4. The required number of wire looms (5M) fitted with lamp socket and IP65 silicon seal for moisture protection.
Optional Items
  1. Fan Interlocking Function (230VAC)
  2. Radiometer Monitoring
Basic Features of the Control Housing Panel
  1. Power ON/Off switch
  2. Power Indicator Lamps
  3. LEDs for each lamp.
  4. Building Management Terminals.
  5. Door Safety Switch Terminals
Lamp Specifications
Models RL22T5HO RL33T5HO RL61T5HO
Part Number UVLHO546T5L UVLHO846T5L UVLHO1554T5L
Lamp Dia 15mm/0.6” 15mm/0.6” 15mm/0.6”
Lamp Length 546mm/22” 846mm/33” 1554mm/61”
Arc Length 442mm/17.4” 726mm/28.6” 1434mm/56.5”
Lamp Wattage 55 80 145
UV Watts (UV Power) 20 29 52
UVC intensity at 1m 170 microwatt/cm2 265 microwatt/cm2 440 microwatt/cm2

RL121 Series

The RL 121 series is a simplified version of the RL Series. It provides a quick and simple option for facility managers and building owners/managers to disinfect the cooling coil in the Air Handling Units (AHU), Fan Coil Units (FCU). This is a 1 lamp to 1 ballast housing unit designed for quick and easy installation for smaller AHUs requiring 4 lamps. The set consists of a factory assembled ballast housing, the relevant lamp, a 3 meter wire loom complete with 4 pin socket and IP65 moisture resistant plug and 2 pieces of stainless steel clips. The ballast housing is attached on the outside of the AHU. If multiple lamps are required, the additional ballast housing can be attached side by side to each other.

Supplied Components
  1. Single Ballast Housing
  2. The Lamp ordered (22”, 33”, 61”)
  3. A 3m long UV resistant wire loom with 4 pin socket and IP65 silicon seal as protection against moisture.
Product Specifications
Models RL 121-22 RL 121-33 RL 121-61
Voltage 230Vac 0.27A 230Vac 0.62 230Vac 0.80A
Lamp Power 55 Watts 75 Watts 155 Watts
Lamp Length 546mm/22” 846mm/33” 1554mm/61”
Lamp Type T5 High Output T5 High Output T5 High Output
Lamp Life 12,000 Hrs 12,000 Hrs 12,000 Hrs

Not for outdoor use, unless under suitable cover from rain

DUV Series

The DUV series of ULTRAVIOLET GERMICIDAL IRRADIATION (UVGI) ozone free devices provide a quick and simple option for facility managers and building owners/managers to disinfect air and surfaces that are inaccessible from inside the air handler. The High Output Lamps provide 360 degree of high UVC intensity and can be easily mounted to the exterior of supply, return or exhaust ducts or plenums. It is ideal for disinfecting airstreams in HVAC equipment and are widely used in hospitals and commercial buildings.

DUV series is suitable for new systems or as retrofits, and can be easily installed in most commercial, industrial, manufacturing and healthcare applications.

Fixture's Dimensions
  • DUV 1: L 265mm x W 135mm x D 85mm
  • DUV 2: L 486mm x W 135mm x D 85 mm
  • Material: Powder Coated Mild Steel
Product Specifications
  DUV 1x300 DUV 1x400 DUV 2x300 DUV 2x400 DUV 1x600 DUV 1x900 DUV 2x600 DUV 2x900
Voltage 230VAC 0.26A 230VAC 0.27A 230VAC 0.6A 230VAC 0.62A 230VAC 0.26A 230VAC 0.3A 230VAC 0.6A 230VAC 0.65A
Lamp Power consumption 60 watts 75 watts 120 watts (60x2) 150 watts (75x2) 55 watts 80 watts 110 watts (55x2) 160 watts (80x2)
Lamp Length 300mm 415mm 300mm 415mm 546mm 846mm 546mm 846mm
Lamp Type U Type U Type U Type x 2 U Type x 2 Straight T5 Straight T5 Straight T5 x 2 Straight T5 x 2
*Est. Air Handling Capacity (CMH) at 15J/m2 2300 2900 4500 5600 2430 3645 4860 7290
Lamp Life (Hrs) 12000 12000 12000 12000 12000 12000 12000 12000
*Not for outdoor use, unless under suitable cover from rain

1. Dosage is estimated, based on 1 m, straight duct of GI material, air conditioning FCU supply duct @2.5m/sec velocity.

2. Duct size affects air handling capacity and dosage.

3. UVC lamp should cover at least 90% of the entire WIDTH of the duct for maximum effect.

4. Where required, insert more DUV units on the opposite side of the duct to cover the entire WIDTH of the duct.

5. Encapsulated Lamps are available for DUV 1x600, DUV 1x900, DUV 2x600 and DUV 2x900 as an option.

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